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What's going to happen when XTCERA meets with New York

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Compared with romantic Turkey,I would rather like to choose to ramble the street in New York High Line Park, where you can overlook eastward to Manhattan's financial district skyline and westward to the Hudson River; I would go through Queensboro Bridge Leading to Roosevelt Island Bridge,to feel the wide water ; I even want to have Luke’s Lobster at Time Square— I heard that if you did’t eat lobster rolls ,you did’t come to New York. Will I tell you I already can’t help drooling ???当翔通碰见纽约,会擦出什么火花?当翔通碰见纽约,会擦出什么火花?当翔通碰见纽约,会擦出什么火花?

What’s going to happen when XTCERA meets with New York

What’s going to happen when XTCERA meets with New York

However, the reality is even nicer than what you’ve imagined. Manhattan, New York——We truly came here!It was like a dream come true! I assume that you might be very excited when it comes to Manhattan, which is the shooting place of two famous and classic American TV series:《Friends》and《Sex and the City》. Manhattan was described as the economic and cultural center of the entire United States, known as "the crossroads of the world" and "the center of the world,". Of course, we didn’t come to Manhattan to follow the TV series, we have something big do - to attend the 93rd Greater New York Dental Meeting.

What’s going to happen when XTCERA meets with New York

The 93rd Greater New York Dental Meeting.

Booth No.:4238-4239

Exhibit Dates:

Sunday, November 26 to Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Exhibit Hours:

Sunday - Tuesday9:30am - 5:30pmWednesday9:30am - 5:00pm

More Information about the exhibition

Exhibition area: 20000 + m2   Number of Exhibitors: 700+

Professional audience: 54000 +

The Greater New York Dental Meeting is the largest dental meeting in the United States with over 54,000 attendees, has successfully held 92 sessions. And every year dental dentists around the world come together in New York, USA to showcase or seek high-quality products and cutting-edge technologies. There will also be a variety of dental educational exchange meetings during the exhibition, experts and scholars in the field of stomatology will come together to discuss the latest technology and development direction.

What’s going to happen when XTCERA meets with New York

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Our exhibition team set off to New York two days before the exhibition ,after 27 hours long flight without any rest,they directly went to our booth to arrange the exhibition.(You might wondered ,were they human ? It seemed that they didn’t need any sleep at all .Yes, of course we need sleep当翔通碰见纽约,会擦出什么火花?当翔通碰见纽约,会擦出什么火花?当翔通碰见纽约,会擦出什么火花?, but we would like to spare no effort to show our products and equipment in the best way to our international friends.当翔通碰见纽约,会擦出什么火花?当翔通碰见纽约,会擦出什么火花? )

What’s going to happen when XTCERA meets with New York

What’s going to happen when XTCERA meets with New York


What’s going to happen when XTCERA meets with New York

Our sales staff sincerely recepted every customer and friend. And the lively demonstration of operating X-mill machine has attracted many international friends to stop consulting.

The Bright spots

X-cera SHT Zirconia Block

What’s going to happen when XTCERA meets with New York

What’s going to happen when XTCERA meets with New York

Have you ever envy the beautiful smile of celebrities?

Have you ever been stopped by the excessive price?

Smizir is your best choice

The Greater New York Dental Meeting ended in the sunset in Manhattan on December 29th.During these four days of exhibition hours .XTCERA has brought the excellent domestic one-stop digital oral technology and services to international friends in New York . We will never forget why we started, and continue to focus on CAD/CAM digital Dental Solution, all the way forward!

New York, this time, we came across the seas to see you. The next stop, where will we be?(Forget about it , I am not going to give you the chance to guess, don’t say I didn’t tell you :  On December 7-9, Fujian Province, the Fourth Fujian Oral Exhibition, we are at the Fuzhou Strait Convention Center, Booth No. :A25 ,Hall 3 .Hope you won’t miss it!)

What’s going to happen when XTCERA meets with New York


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